"Omni Finance" LLC provides its clients with various kinds of loans, which are issued preferably to borrowers with a stable financial situation and positive credit history. Loans are divided into three categories:

1. Micro credits: 
      vary from 100 up to 25 000 manats
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2. Medium credits: 
      vary from 25 000 up to 50 000 manats
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3. Macro credits:
      higher than 50 000 manats
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The organization is making every effort to meet the needs of its customers by issuing various types of loans. These types are mentioned below:

  • consumer credits;
  • auto credits;
  • mortgage credits;
  • business credits.

Loans are issued to both physical and legal entities, residents of Azerbaijan Republic. Those who wish to get a loan need to contact the credit specialists of the company, who will give all the necessary information about requirements and procedures. The necessary documents must be provided in order to obtain a loan.

Physical entity:

  • copy of ID card;
  • letter from the employer stating salary and position;
  • loan application; (download)
  • other documents for issuing a loan (if needed).

Legal entity:

  • loan application; (download)
  • copy of the charter and registration certificate certified by a notary, an extract from the state registrar of commercial entities;
  • extract from the decrees on the appointment of the manager and chief accountant;
  • copy of manager's and chief accountant's ID cards;
  • financial report for the last report period;
  • business plan.

After providing the required documentation, credit department staff will arrange interviews with the client. The final decision on granting loans is taken by the authorized body of the company when a full package of necessary documents is provided.