About us

“Omni Finance” LLC is a non banking credit organization that operates in the financial sector of the republic since 2003. Since its foundation, the organization has established itself in the financial sector as a credit institution providing services at a high level under the title “MikromaliyyÉ™” LLC. Recently, “MikromaliyyÉ™” changed its name to "Omni Finance". Since the start of its activity, the organization has participated in projects of the agricultural credit agency, as well as in the “development of mountainous and highland areas” implemented in conjunction with Ä°FAD, and intends to continue this cooperation. Recently, “Omni Finance” LLC having modified its lending policies, began issuing medium and large size loans.


“Omni Finance” LLC offers a variety of loans:

• Consumer loans

• Auto loans

• Mortgage loans

• Business loans


Currently, 4 branches of the organization operate in different parts of the republic. The future expansion of this network will take place in the near future.


“Omni Finance” - finance for you!